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Round 11: Maltsevskaya From Russia Becomes 2018 Girls U-20 Champion After a Thrilling Final Round
Saturday, 15 September 2018 21:23
IMG 3377-002Photo by Amruta Mokal / ChessBase India

In the open section we had already the champion determined due to Maghsoodloo’s amazing 9,5/10 but in girls everything remained open and it was clear that today we’ll see big fights on top boards. Girls didn’t disappoint and all games on top boards were extremely interesting with all players trying to win. On the first board Tokhirjonova- Dordziheva ended in a stalemate on 73rd moves after a tough fight with both sides needing a win since on third board Maltsevskaya won against Potapova after some very aggressive play. This meant thanks to her compatriot Dordzhieva’s efforts Maltsevskaya, although having the same points -8,5- with Tokhirjonova, got the first place and became the 2018 World Girls U-20 Chess Champion! Congratulations to Aleksandra Maltsevskaya for her excellent result and also very impressive level of play she showed throughout the championship! Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonava from Uzbekistan has got thanks to her brilliant late run second place and on third place, probably Caissa has some mercy after all, we see Nino Khomeriki from Georgia with 8 points who truly deserved it with her excellent start of 6/6 and also very high level of chess much above the average.

In open section Andrey Esipenko became the hero of the day winning against a relaxed Maghsoodloo on top board in a game where he pressed throughout the game until his opponent finally cracked. Some balance in the things at work after Maghsoodloo’s meteoric rise perhaps? Anyway accomplishing this heroic feat unfortunately for Esipenko didn’t mean a medal since the Russian talent didn’t have better tiebreak than the Indian GM Abhimanyu Puranik (2nd) and another Russian IM Sergei Lobanov. (3rd)

Congratulations to Maghsoodloo, Puranik and Lobanov as well as all the other players who showed great sportsmanship and produced excellent fighting chess. We hope it’s been a joy for them to compete here and expect to see them soon in another international event! Best of luck to all young players in their future careers!
Round 10: We Already Have A Champion: Parham Maghsoodloo!
Friday, 14 September 2018 21:54
Photo by Amruta Mokal / ChessBase India

And what a champion he is! The unstoppable Maghsoodloo pulled off his trick again and simply outclassed his strong opponent to win the championship with a round to spare. It wouldn’t even matter if there were two more rounds actually since with 9,5 points he is two full points ahead of his closest followers. Time to call him the “Maghician from Persia” perhaps? Anyway it’s sure that we’re facing a big talent here and he’s definitely one of the main candidates in the world now to enter the superelite in near future. Even Carlsen himself would find it not so easy to match or surpass Maghsoodloo’s score in this championship. A proud moment for Maghsoodloo and his country Iran. Although the coach Ivan Sokolov predicted that 2020 will be the year of Iranian National Team, perhaps even this year in Batumi Maghsoodloo & co. will compete for top places!
Round 9: Maghsoodloo On His Way To The Title, Five Players in Lead At Girls Section
Thursday, 13 September 2018 20:10
IMG 7282
Yesterday we asked if anyone can stop Parham Maghsoodloo. The question is still on but we now know that even if anyone can that player is not Awonder Liang as he lost from the black side of a King’s Indian Attack a game without much counterplay after opting for a wrong plan. Now Parham Maghsoodloo is at 8,5/9 points with a safe distance of 1,5 points from a pack of five players with 7 players. A draw in the last rounds will suffice for shared first and two draws or one win will mean that the Iranian will finish clear first. What an incredible run by Maghsoodloo! After his recent sensational 8/9 score at the very strong Sharjah Masters the Iranian continues to fly high!

In girls section things remained very much unclear, if anything this round muddied the waters even further. Khomeriki lost against Assaubayeva and since there was a draw on the first board we have now five players with 7 points who are followed by three with 6,5. The penultimate round will see many exciting games, that’s for sure.
Round 8: Maghsoodloo Widens the Gap, Nothing Too New On Girls Front
Wednesday, 12 September 2018 21:50
IMG 7193
Can anyone stop Parham Maghsoodloo? The way he plays, he’s simply irresistible. His performance is reminiscent of Mamedyarov’s -as the most recent example which comes to mind- totally dominating performances at youth and junior events. Only time will if he match or even surpass his achievements but we can safely predict that we’ll soon see the young Iranian enter the elite 2700+ club.

In girls section not much has changed with the games of leaders, top two boards, being drawn and Khomeriki, Dordzhieva and Maltsevskaya continue to share the lead entering the last three rounds. Who will emerge victorious from this trio or their close followers is probably a question we’ll only be able to answer after the last round.
Round 7: Maghsoodloo Sole Leader Again, Dordzhieva Beats Khomeriki
Tuesday, 11 September 2018 23:55
IMG 6973
2018 World Junior Championship continues with full pace! All games were rich in terms of pure chess content as always and the round turned out to be a crucial one in both sections. The only player with full score, Nino Khomeriki from Georgia was finally beaten by WIM Dordzhieva and together with Maltsevskaya there are now three players with 6 points in girls section. In open section the game of leaders Maghsoodloo and Sindarov ended in Iranian stars favor, in which a theoretical debate resulted in a very sharp position where Maghsoodloo managed to outplay his young opponent. This leeaves Maghsoodloo alone at the top with 6,5 points and he’s followed by his compatriot GM Firouzja and Indian IM Venkataraman from a half a point distance.
Round 6: Khomeriki Unstoppable, Sindarov Joins Maghsoodloo in the Lead
Monday, 10 September 2018 22:41
Photo by Amruta Mokal / ChessBase India

Georgia has been a superpower in women chess for quite some time and it seems soon a new name will be added to the list of countless elite players they produced: Nino Khomeriki. She has an unbeliavable perfect score with 6/6 and already has already managed to put -a quite significant- gap of 1 point between herself and the three Russian musketeers:  Maltsevskaya, Dordzhieva and Paramzina. If anyone will be able to stop WIM Khomeriki in the next rounds remains to be seen, but if other players have dreams of becoming champion they better hurry before Khomeriki escapes with the title!

In the open section Parham Maghsoodloo could also keep his perfect score if he beat his compatriot Firouzja but as the game reached a friendly outcome he has 5,5 points and shares the lead with the Uzbek prodigy IM Javokhir Sindarov who has won a fine game against IM Christiansen of Norway. For sure a lot will be on stake in the game between the two leaders next round. The future of Uzbek chess definitely looks to be bright with shining young stars such as IM Sindarov and GM Abdusattorov. Of course Iran is also on course to become a great force in chess world with such young talents like Maghsoodloo, Firouzja, Tabatabaei.
Round 5: Maghsoodloo and Khomeriki Leading With Perfect Scores!
Saturday, 08 September 2018 00:00
IMG 6758

As we leave the fifth round behind, we have in both categories a sole leader with full points. In the open section Parham Maghsoodlo from Iran had been overpowering his opponents so far with his brilliant calculation ability and today was no exception either so he keeps his perfect score as of now. In the women section it was Nino Khomeriki from Georgia who emerged as the winner in the game between two leaders so she’s leading with 5 points. A great achievement for both but there’s no time to relax as there are six more difficult games to play!
Free Day Excursion Programme
Saturday, 08 September 2018 14:37
tuzla marinaDear participants,

There will be an excursion for participants of World Junior and Girls u-20 Chess Championships.

Destination: Tuzla Viaport Marina >>>
Departure Time from Hotels/ 14.00
Departure from Tuzla Viaport Marina / 18.00

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