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The World Juniors 2018 begins in Gebze Turkey! Aram Hakobyan - the next Levon Aronian from Armenia! Topsy turvy! Top seed Stavroula Tsolakidou wins a crazy game at round one of World Juniors 2018
Indians are always very strong - Awonder Liang at the World Juniors 2018 A chat with France's top junior girl - Cecile Haussernot The hardest working GM in the world?! - Parham Maghsoodloo, 2667 at 18 years of age
"Technology and a right coach can make you the best in the world" - Karthikeyan Murali "Usually Germans don't like to take risks, but I want to be a professional chess player" - Donchenko How 15-year-old Alireza Firouzja (2582) analyzes!
The World Junior Saga by IM Sagar Shah | Round 2 Summary 12-year-old Javokhir Sindarov, the boy who will be a big challenge to Pragg and Nihal in future!
Parham Maghsoodloo vs Aram Hakobyan| A thrilling queen endgame| Uncut version Just 10 Elo points away from GM title - Harsha Bharathakoti speaks about his win over Alan Pichot Indians having a nice time at the World Juniors 2018!
This Russian GM made a tough call between chess and academics and chose the latter "Georgian women are fighters" - Nino Khomeriki 5.0/5 at the World Juniors 2018 "I just defend very well" - Parham Maghsoodloo | 5.0/5 at World Juniors 2018
Checkmate ends the game! Parham Maghsoodloo checkmates Indian IM Bharathakoti with a bishop sac What makes India's 55th GM Karthik Venkatraman special? The story of Alireza Firouzja narrated by his father
S.L. Narayanan's excellent handling of the exchange Ruy Lopez structure The Agadmator of Turkish Chess! Dinara Dordzhieva from Russia excellently prepared in the Sicilian!
Final moments of ferocious attack by Javokhir Sindarov to beat GM Johan-Sebastien Christiansen 12-year-old Javokhir Sindarov's intuitive exchange sacrifice! Nino Khomeriki is on 6.0/6 at World Juniors 2018
S.L.Alekhine Karthik Venkatraman beats Aravindh Chithambaram at round 6 of World Juniors 2018 Before The Seventh Round Of World Juniors 2018
Maghsoodloo's art of Defence too much for Sindarov Keeping your cool and finding the best moves in time pressure Unbelievable! The Turkish Chess Federation has more registrations than Turkish Football Federation! 
A strong chess player, IA, IO, member of TCF, Member of FIDE - Ozgur Solakoglu Awonder Liang on his win over GM Santos Miguel Ruiz, breaking the 2600 barrier and homeschooling Akshita Gorti's gamble in time pressure works out perfectly!
Dinara Dordzhieva throws open the girls section by beating Nino Khomeriki Confident Meenal Gupta gaining over 100 Elo points at the World Juniors 2018 Abhimanyu Puranik (2524) beats GM Jorden van Foreest (2624)
Alireza Firouzja lost the game, but analyzed with all his heart In the battle of 15-year-old prodigies, Awonder Liang triumphs over Alireza Firouzja The unstoppable force at World Juniors 2018: Parham Maghsoodloo - 7.5/8
Match ups for the 9th round of the World Junior Championships 2018!
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